What we do

Over two decades we have assisted our Clients, both in judicial and extrajudicial matters, in a number of areas related to civil, commercial, corporate, industrial and bankruptcy law. In particular, with private individuals often resident abroad, we have developed a tailor-made, problem solving service which has been particularly appreciated: what we call "Family Office".

What we mean by "Family Office"

Within our specific skills, we offer our clients this service, which originally was created in the Anglo-Saxon countries as an “ accessory” to the financial advisory and real estate dedicated to "big" capitalists.

This service offers an “accessory” to advisory and real estate Services; its aim is to offer assistance, mainly in the fields of real estate and in the so-called "property services". Within this office we have the skills to solve quickly and efficiently complex legal cases which our clients, unfamiliar with the Italian system, often find confusing and very difficult to grapple with.

In our joint professional experience we realize that owning a small property in a distant town, where no family members live anymore or where a relative once lived, can entail encountering multiple legal problems from day to day management, to regular tax demands. These problems require a prompt solution often calling for diverse professional experience. We work with a “tried and tested team” including architects, notaries, accountants and translators.

For an immediate understanding of the issues, please click here to see some case studies we have handled with success.

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