The elderly gentleman

An elderly German gentleman, who lived in Germany, had signed a preliminary agreement for the purchase of a flat on Lake Como, but after two years, he still was not able to conclude the long-awaited sale for numerous bureaucratic and land registry reasons and also language problems. In the meantime, misunderstandings had arisen between the parties. Thanks to our assistance, it was possible to put the pieces back together and solve the property’s land registry. The parties then reached an agreement on the final price; we found a notary and interpreter for the date of the deed, translated the documents for the Client into German and explained to him in what way the remainder had to be paid so that the final act was signed within a few months.

The squatter

An Italian woman living in England owned a flat in Milan, occupied by the person who, previously, was a regular lodger. Thanks to our assistance: the procedure for termination of eviction was established. We then started negotiations with the occupant, reached an agreement for the early release of the flat, replaced the keys, gained access to the premises and updated the apartment with current legislation.

The holder of life estate in arrears

A lady, “holder of a residual life estate” of an apartment in Milan, had been informed by the building administrator that the “holder of life estate” was no longer paying property charges; in order to recover the debt, the building administrator has established a procedure for the attachment of the Life Estate against the debtor who had disappeared. Thanks to our assistance: after contacting the lawyer of the enforcement procedure, we ascertained the existence in life of the elderly debtor (relevant factor for consolidation of whole ownership in the hands of our lady client), we performed an estimate of the value of the “Life Estate”; in the meantime, the debtor was found in Paris through a local search, so that he was made aware of the enforcement proceedings against him; in order to stop the enforcement proceedings he paid his debt and the matter was settled to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

Legal Notice

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